What do we do?

The main aims of the BCA are to:

Communicate – Educate – Escalate

Our approach is two-fold:

  • An overarching Directorship and Committee putting structures in place and attending to affairs of the suburb at a higher level;
  • Empowering residents with knowledge and skills through:
    • a network of effective Zone and Street Facilitators
    • a fully-comprehensive BCA website providing useful information, essential contact numbers and important details about the suburb
    • a BCA Facebook page for residents to share and communicate with each other

We believe that a suburb that knows what's going on, where everyone contributes in their own small way, is aware of their surroundings and knows their neighbours, will thrive!!

So, our aims:

  • to be united in our fight against crime and to implement high-level measures in this regard
  • to COMMUNICATE with the residents; to enhance a sense of ‘community’, making sure each resident knows they are not ‘alone’ in the suburb.
  • to EDUCATE the residents regarding which contact numbers / municipal or government departments to call in what situations (i.e. SAPS vs. JMPD, City Power etc.) and to urge all residents to obtain reference numbers for all their reports; this is vital
  • to monitor issues affecting the suburb generally and to ESCALATE these issues on behalf of the community through a strong, united voice
What exactly does all this mean? What does the BCA do on a day-to-day basis?

Firstly, some Blairgowrie Stats and what it takes to manage Blairgowrie:

It is the biggest suburb in Joburg (under one name), 70 – 80 streets, 3000 homes.

  • Divided into 3 Municipal Wards, with 3 Ward Councillors
  • Forms part of Linden SAPS (Sector 1) and Randburg SAPS (Sector 1)
  • Comprises properties belonging to City Parks, JRA (Joburg Roads Agency), JPC (Joburg Property Company)

Blairgowrie is serviced by :

  • 2 different Joburg Water depots
  • 2 different City Power depts.
  • Meter reading companies
  • 2 different Pikitup depots with separate collection days (Mondays for some streets and Fridays for others)

What has the BCA accomplished since inception to manage all of this?

  • Registration of an NPO (Nonprofit Organisation)
  • A bookkeeper manages the BCA’s books;  the BCA financials are audited reviewed annually and presented to the community at the annual AGM
  • We liaise with our 3 Ward Councillors and escalating suburb issues with them
  • Hold the City accountable to our residents
  • Attend to residents’ queries
  • The BCA database grown through street whatsapp groups, campaigns and word-of-mouth
  • Zone and Street Facilitators appointed
  • Attend to illegal dumping, illegal property use and illegal advertising (anything which devalues and tarnishes the neighbourhood)
  • Regular updates on water and electricity interruptions including emergency assistance contacts
  • Pikitup updates
  • Community clean-up campaigns
  • Monthly “Classifieds” (free to all financial contributors)
  • Successful evictions where the community has been plagued by illegal squatting, use as a drug house, health and safety issues, environmental issues
  • Development of the BCA Website
  • Recycling initiatives
  • Educating residents on how to report any problems (security / City) to the relevant authorities
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