How to pay for your BCA CONTRIBUTION?

The BCA would like to encourage all Blairgowrie residents and businesses that are willing and able, to help our suburb, by making a financial contribution as follows:

•    Pensioner Household – R50 per month (R600 annually)
•    Residential Household – R75 per month (R900 annually)
•    Businesses or business from home – R100 per month (R1200 annually)

For more information about BCA contributions click here.

BCA banking details:

Account Name:                      Blairgowrie Community Association (or BCA)
Bank:                                     Standard Bank, Randburg Branch (code 01 8005)
SAVINGS account number:    027277259
Reference:                             Your STREET ADDRESS


Please note:

When making your deposit or doing a transfer, please use your STREET ADDRESS as a REFERENCE
If you have separate business premises NOT operated from your home, then use your business name.
Businesses run from home MUST use their STREET ADDRESS as the deposit REFERENCE.


Cheques payable to the Blairgowrie Community Association.
Don’t forget to leave your name, number and street details.

 Receipts/Invoices/Confirmation of payment

Unfortunately, due to administration time/process we are unable to reply to each contribution with an invoice/receipt/thank you, but please know we are really thankful for your donation! If you do need/want an invoice we will happily do this for you, please email and we can sort that out for you.



  • BCA Committee members are volunteers
  • We need funds to get certain things done; due to maladministration of the City, it is unable to assist financially with most projects
  • The BCA Committee needs the residents and businesses of Blairgowrie to lighten the load
  • Subscribing residents and businesses can take advantage of free adverts in the BCA Classifieds.


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We truly appreciate you and your investment in this suburb!

Thank you, on behalf of the entire BCA!

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