Delta Park Portfolio: Shirley Tebbutt


How to report an issue or contact Shirley:


Read more about Shirley's work in her newsletter here




About My Portfolio:

I enjoy improving and maintaining the park. I (with a team who walk in the park) keep the dams free from hyacinth, repair the dams walls when they leak, keep the blackjacks, lantana, bug weed and brambles under control. I report any water or sewage leaks and ensure they are fixed; there is always a project going on.

I am part of the team including the Environment Centre and City Parks that oversees any events taking part in the park and if there is damage done, get it repaired.

The councilor for Delta Park works closely with me

Blairgowrie is so lucky to have Delta Park "just down the road" It is a beautiful green gem and I would encourage everyone to come and walk their dogs, children and family. It is a place to enjoy nature, watch the changing seasons, and recharge their “batteries.”


About Me:

I have lived in Blairgowrie since 1975 and think we are fortunate in having shops, medical and veterinary facilities, filling stations, churches, schools, a college, a recreational centre and a retirement village all on our doorstep.

Our roads are lined with large shady trees and the residents are friendly folk. Since the BCA started most streets have street captains which means we get to meet our neighbors.


What I wish for the future of Blairgowrie:

My wish for the future of Blairgowrie is to see BCA going from strength to strength to ensure a well run suburb.  The crime almost eradicated. All the roads repaired.  The bridge on Conrad Drive widened to reduce traffic congestion.



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