Your BCA Roads Committee

The roads portfolio is such an important one, but is often overlooked as something that ‘just happens’. However, the BCA actually has a team of two dedicated members who strive to ensure our roads are maintained, our traffic lights are synchronised and our roads are safe and calm (to name but a few).

Here’s what the team is working on at the moment:

1. Liaising with JRA Traffic Signal authorities to try to improve traffic flow (Synching) on
Jan Smuts North / South Bound. Especially Jan Smuts Northbound (Towards Randburg).

2. Continuing to drive "The Speed Camera Initiative" on Conrad Drive. Due to this initiative, JRA have painted SLOW DOWN on both sides AND now they have also erected 60KM speed limit signs on both sides. The Roads Team have suggested including a sign of a camera just underneath these signs which could have a much bigger impact on slowing down traffic.

3. Reporting faults for potholes, however the team really need residents to start to  report  faults for road resurfacing so that things can get done. The more people report, the higher the priority.

Here’s a bit about Roger & Hermione:

We moved into the suburb 7 years ago and have two young children. As a family we believe in the ethos of community involvement. Joining the Blairgowrie Community Association provided us with the platform on which to make a difference in our community. Being a young family we have become increasingly aware of the limitations which traffic congestion and poor road quality place on our day to day schedules. We aim to empower the residents of Blairgowrie and work together with them by sharing information, ideas and suggestions which will assist us in the way forward. Help us to help you have safe quality roads in Blairgowrie.

What the roads portfolio entails:

Educating residents on the procedure for logging road-related issues on the JRA (Johannesburg Roads Agency) logging system with regards to:

  • Maintenance and repair of road surfaces
  • Maintenance and repair of curbs and pavements
  • Ensuring visible, legal and correctly painted road markings
  • Traffic calming measures i.e. speed cameras, traffic circles and speed bumps – only where possible
  • Management of functional 3 colour phase traffic lights and synchronisation
  • Erection of appropriate road signage
  • Establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with the staff at JRA on behalf of the BCA
  • Managing the escalation of unresolved issues logged by residents
  • Driving the public interest for road upgrades and traffic flow
  • Timeous and effective communication of all relevant information regarding this portfolio to Blairgowrie residents
  • Continuous feedback on the status of all projects in this portfolio to the BCA

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