Chairperson: Jed Kemery (Director)

Jed-Kemery-ChairpersonWhat does my portfolio entail?

Sometimes anything and everything! I’m happy to say I was one of the founding members of the BCA in 2010. From 2010 – 2018, I worked closely with SAPS attending their external role players forum weekly meeting (for 5 years) and played a part on the CPF (Community Policing Forum).

As Chairperson, I have a co-ordinating role on the BCA Committee and am involved directly in a number of portfolios and issues affecting our suburb. I liaise with our 3 Ward Councillors, key role players, businesses and attend meetings with the City and various other relevant groups etc.

I am blessed to have met so many “Blairfolk” over the years and be associated with the Committee, a group of wonderful people, as we try to fit all of this into our daily lives. It’s a great honour, tiring and challenging at times but immensely rewarding at the end of the day seeing this suburb grow from strength to strength.


Why I love Blairgowrie and what I really want to say.

This is a suburb on the rise. We’re central, green and leafy and have some of the loveliest people in Joburg. We’re a family here. We don’t always get along but we, generally, all make up and work towards a common goal. I love that there are so many residents who are active in the suburb and many have been working tirelessly on Blairgowrie for years and years before I even discovered this great place.

I’d like to encourage everyone to accept that none of us are superheroes or in possession of any kind of magic to have done what we’ve done in Blairgowrie. It wasn’t easy to concern ourselves with others and step out of our homes and comfort zones. The Committee doesn’t own you. The Committee isn’t the boss of you. We’ve been mandated by the suburb to get on and do a job (to guide you) as best we can. Sometimes we mess up or drop the ball but we’re always grateful to those that hold us accountable and make us rethink our approach.

So … take an interest, notice things, live without blinkers. We spent so many years in this country building our walls and hiding. Come out and play. If people see us enjoying our suburb, taking an interest, using the parks and facilities, keeping things clean, they will know we know what’s going on around us. This behaviour from residents has amazing consequences: new business investment in the area, the City taking us seriously, shunning would-be criminals looking for suburbs that just don’t care. Above all – get involved and remember “DOT” – “Do One Thing” – anything!!


What’s my day job?

Other than helping to run the BCA, I am Principal and Owner of my own real estate agency  - Neighbourhood Real Estate - operating in the area and Joburg Northern suburbs.

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