Street Captains: Kim Reunert

What does my portfolio entail?


Do you know your neighbour? Can you call on anyone in your street in times of a crisis? Not many people can say yes. I am proud to say I can and only because we, as a street, have made an effort to pull together and be each other’s support network. This does not mean we live in each other’s pockets, rather we give each other the peace of mind that someone is close by to help if required. I help to co-ordinate the street captain volunteers with being the ears and eyes on their streets and to gather as many contacts as possible to help grow the BCA database.

I feed them information from the committee and they are the ears and eyes on the ground for the BCA committee. A small committee / few individuals can’t do it all. We want to reach all the residents with what the BCA is doing in the hope that where there is a need within the suburb, or if there is something the BCA is doing that resonates with residents, individuals will step forward to assist. Collectively we can make a difference. The street captain/s act as a pivotal point for all in the street to assist and motivate teamwork in the street, the smaller wheels and cogs so vital to the functioning of the bigger BCA machine.


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