Roads & Signage Portfolio

How to report a fault:

1.    Send an email to Anesta Brits at with a description of the fault

2.    Or call 0860JOBURG /OPTION5 or 011 375 5555 /OPTION5

3.    Or download the JRA Fault Logging App on Playstore

4.    To escalate any fault, email


Types of faults to report: potholes, missing/broken signage, traffic signals, damage to roads etc. For more information visit the REPORT A FAULT page.


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How to contact the roads portfolio:




What the portfolio entails

  • Educating residents on the procedure for logging road-related issues on the JRA (Johannesburg Roads Agency) logging system with regards to:
    • Maintenance and repair of road surfaces
    • Maintenance and repair of curbs and pavements
    • Ensuring visible, legal and correctly painted road markings
    • Traffic calming measures i.e. speed cameras, traffic circles and speed bumps – only where possible
    • Management of functional 3 colour phase traffic lights and syncronisation
    • Erection of appropriate road signage
  • Establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with the staff at JRA on behalf of the BCA
  • Managing the escalation of unresolved issues logged by residents
  • Driving the public interest for road upgrades and traffic flow
  • Timeous and effective communication of all relevant information regarding this portfolio to Blairgowrie residents
  • Continuous feedback on the status of all projects in this portfolio to the BCA







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