Water Portfolio: Nikki Wagner

Nikki Wagner Water

How to report a fault:

1. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Alternatively, contact 011 688 1699 during office hours or 086 56 2874 (CoJ Option 3)

3. Follow up: 011 688 1400 (24hours, but must have a reference)

4. Contact Nikki if your fault needs urgent escalation or has not been followed up


Follow Joburg Water on Twitter: @JHBWater

Visit the Johannesburg Water website:


Types of faults to report: burst water pipes, no water etc. For more information visit the REPORT A FAULT page


How to contact Nikki:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A word from Nikki...

In awe with the amount of time and endless energy Jed and Linus have poured into the BCA, as well as the other fantastic committee members, I volunteered to join the BCA committee in 2013, and was appointed to the Water Portfolio. Having lived in Blairgowrie for 10 years, I have been observed the numerous water leaks in the suburb year after year. As a lecturer in environmental engineering, I find water wastage a very frustrating situation. Water is a vital requirement for our daily lives, and the all too frequent water bursts are a major concern to the livelihood of all citizens. My task is not to report water leaks / bursts for the suburb – you can do this. Please see the ‘Look and log’ tab under USEFUL INFORMATION on the home page.


This portfolio concerns water issues affecting the suburb. In the event that your logged call (with the reference number) is not dealt with in the timeframes listed under the ‘Look and log’ page, please feel free to escalate the (water) problem to me (with your reference number), and I will assist in communicating with Jo’burg Water directly. Following a water leak, the road and or pavement are generally a mess. It is Jo’burg Water’s (JW) responsibility to log the task with the correct depot and or Jo’burg Roads Agency (JRA) for reinstatement. If the road or pavement has not been reinstated in the timeframe listed below, please communicate directly with me so that the task can be linked to a water burst reference number and logged correctly. Logging another call simply causes confusion. A water burst should receive a response within 48 hours, a blockage 24 hours. Following repair, backfilling should be completed within 5 days (call logged by JW and acted on by JW). Following backfilling, paving, tarring, and rubble removal should be sorted within 7 days (JRA and JW). Frequently the reinstatement events are delayed as JW want to ensure that the pipe does not burst again.
Please take the initiative and responsibility to log water leaks when you notice them, even if they are not in your street. Save the Joburg Water contact numbers and email address on your phone for easy access when you see a problem.
I will also endeavour to communicate planned water outages and any JW initiatives to Blairgowrie via the website and Facebook page.


Blairgowrie is such a central suburb, beautifully quiet at weekends, green, with plenty of open spaces, and an excellent selection of restaurants. Living so close to Delta Park is a complete win!


I would love to see more community engagement, with even more people taking back their streets and neighbourhoods. I think the Blairgowrie Community Rec Centre, restaurants, and many parks have a wonderful potential as frequent meeting spaces. Let’s get to know our neighbours and grow the community spirit. I would love to see people “owning” the parks and using them as frequently as possible, perhaps even helping with the maintenance as it is difficult to rely on City Parks alone.


Associate Professor, University of the Witwatersrand




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