About the BCA

The Blairgowrie Community Association (BCA) is dedicated to fostering communication amongst residents and businesses in Blairgowrie (including Hillcrest and Wendy Avenues on our side of the Spruit) as well as Pine Park.

Above all, the BCA is here to facilitate the Blairgowrie community to make our suburb a better place to live in.

Communicate – Educate – Escalate

That should probably read “About YOU” because if you own a property or live in the area or run a business here then YOU are the Blairgowrie Community Association (BCA)

The BCA is a registered, not-for-profit, company (2009/016969/08) and is a Residents Association representing the residents of Blairgowrie and Pine Park in matters concerning these suburbs.


The BCA was formed on 28 January 2010 at a Public Meeting at the Blairgowrie Recreation Centre.

The committee is a group of Blairgowrie residents, all volunteers, who believe in working effectively with all parties concerned towards a safe and secure suburb which all Blairgowrie residents can call “Home”.


The BCA Committee is made up of a number of volunteering residents (including 4 Directors) covering various portfolios.

Here is a list of the members. For more information about them and their portfolios CLICK HERE

  • Chairperson: Jed Kemery (Director)
  • Treasurer: tbc
  • Administration: tbc
  • Joburg Water: tbc
  • City Parks: tbc
  • Delta Park: Shirley Tebbutt
  • Head of Security:
  • Roads: Margaret Roper
  • Schools and Social Media: Nikki Machowski
  • Suburb Beautification: Ciara Gatonby
  • Marketing: Jules Belasyse-Smith
  • Electricity: Harold Fleishman
  • Kenworthy Circle: Warren Metzer
  • Urban Development Oversight: Alan Mason


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