About the BCA

The Blairgowrie Community Association (BCA) is dedicated to fostering communication amongst residents and businesses in Blairgowrie (including Hillcrest and Wendy Avenues on our side of the Spruit) as well as Pine Park.

Above all, the BCA is here to facilitate the Blairgowrie community to make our suburb a better place to live in.

Communicate – Educate – Escalate

That should probably read “About YOU” because if you own a property or live in the area or run a business here then YOU are the Blairgowrie Community Association (BCA)

The BCA is a registered, not-for-profit, company (2009/016969/08) and is a Residents Association representing the residents of Blairgowrie and Pine Park in matters concerning these suburbs.


The BCA was formed on 28 January 2010 at a Public Meeting at the Blairgowrie Recreation Centre.

The committee is a group of Blairgowrie residents, all volunteers, who believe in working effectively with all parties concerned towards a safe and secure suburb which all Blairgowrie residents can call “Home”.


The BCA Committee is made up of a number of volunteering residents (including 4 Directors) covering various portfolios.

Here is a list of the members. For more information about them and their portfolios CLICK HERE

  • Chairperson: Jed Kemery (Director)
  • Treasurer: tbc
  • Administration: tbc
  • Joburg Water: tbc
  • City Parks: tbc
  • Delta Park: Shirley Tebbutt
  • Head of Security:
  • Roads: Margaret Roper
  • Schools and Social Media: Nikki Machowski
  • Suburb Beautification: Ciara Gatonby
  • Marketing: Jules Belasyse-Smith
  • Electricity: Harold Fleishman
  • Kenworthy Circle: Warren Metzer
  • Urban Development Oversight: Alan Mason



What do we do?

The main aims of the BCA are to:

Communicate – Educate – Escalate

Our approach is two-fold:

  • An overarching Directorship and Committee putting structures in place and attending to affairs of the suburb at a higher level;
  • Empowering residents with knowledge and skills through:
    • a network of effective street captains and
    • a fully-comprehensive BCA website providing useful information, essential contact numbers and important details about the suburb

We believe that a suburb that knows what's going on, where everyone contributes in their own small way, is aware of their surroundings and knows their neighbours, will thrive!!

So, our aims:

  • to be united in our fight against crime and to implement high-level measures in this regard
  • to COMMUNICATE with the residents; to enhance a sense of ‘community’, making sure each resident knows they are not ‘alone’ in the suburb.
  • to EDUCATE the residents regarding which contact numbers / municipal or government departments to call in what situations (i.e. SAPS vs. JMPD, City Power etc.) and to urge all residents to obtain reference numbers for all their reports; this is vital
  • to monitor issues affecting the suburb generally and to ESCALATE these issues on behalf of the community through a strong, united voice
What exactly does all this mean? What does the BCA do on a day-to-day basis?

Firstly, some Blairgowrie Stats and what it takes to manage Blairgowrie:

It is the biggest suburb in Jhb, 70 – 80 streets, 4000 homes

  • Divided into 3 Municipal Wards, with 3 Ward Councillors
  • Forms part of Linden SAPS (Sector 1) and Randburg SAPS (Sector 1)
  • Comprises properties belonging to City Parks, JRA (Joburg Roads Agency), JPC (Joburg property Company)

Blairgowrie is serviced by :

  • 2 different Joburg Water depots
  • 2 different City Power depts.
  • 3 different electricity meter reading companies
  • 2 different Pikitup depots with separate collection days

What has the BCA accomplished since inception to manage all of this?

  • Registered a Section 21, not-for-profit company
  • Put a bookkeeper in place to manage the BCA’s books;  the BCA financials are audited and presented to the community at the annual AGM
  • City Power and billing queries; refunds (Linus gets right within 6 hours what people could not get right in weeks)
  • Keeping the City accountable to our residents
  • Attend to residents’ emails, calls and queries
  • Member database grown through campaigns and word-of-mouth
  • Street Captains appointed
  • Attend to illegal dumping, building and advertising (anything which defaces the neighbourhood)
  • Regular updates on water and electricity interruptions including emergency assistance with the period of frequent water pipe bursts
  • Pikitup updates
  • Frequent community clean-up campaigns
  • Monthly “Classifieds”
  • Representation at:
    • Weekly CCF / CPF – well-known amongst SAPS, good relationship
    • Non-political Ward Comm meetings
  • Successful evictions where community has been plagued by illegal squatting, use as a drug house, health and safety issues, environmental issues
  • Special Operations with SAPS
  • Smart meter issues including electromagnetic radiation issues; cell mast issues; wireless issues. It was the BCA who forced a Petitions Committee from the Speaker’s Office to hear our concerns – decision is pending
  • Development of the BCA Website
  • Recycling initiatives
  • Pothole issues
  • Educating residents on how to report faulty street lights

BCA Values

The BCA Values:

  • 2012 - Neighbour for Neighbour
  • 2013 - "DOT" Do One Thing!
  • 2014 - "DOT" Do One Thing!
  • 2015 - "DOT" Do One Thing!
  • 2016 - "DOT" Do One Thing!
  • 2017 - "DOT" Do One Thing!
  • 2018 - "DOT" Do One Thing!
  • 2019 - "DOT" Do One Thing!

Each year we have a theme. At the  end of the year that theme becomes one of Blairgowrie’s Values. Our Values are what builds us as a community. They provide a common focus each year and propel us in a unified direction.

Above all, they are a “Call to Action”.

The theme for 2012 was "Neighbour for Neighbour" - and it's still pertinent. It now becomes one of the Blairgowrie 'values' and we will add to these values each year.

The theme in 2016 was "DOT" - "Do One Thing" and we've kept with this.

Anything. Just pick something - but make it count. Something for your street, a neighbour, your block, SAPS ......anything!

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