Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The BCA Committee encourages and supports residents to manage their waste effectively and efficiently to keep Blairgowrie clean.

Did you know...

  • Only 10% of waste generated in South Africa is being recycled annually
  • 65% of waste generated in SA is recyclable
  • Gauteng Province contributes about 45% of the total waste generated in the country

Read more about recycling from the Dpt of Environmental Affairs.


The BCA Committee did research on various offerings and two companies emerged as fairly affordable.

The two companies are Whole Earth Recycling and Eco Monkey.

They have Annual Increases but as at April 2020 their offerings are as follows:




 Whole Earth Recycling:

The BCA Committee arranged a discounted rate for Blairgowrie.

Whole Earth’s Recycling offering is as follows:

  • Once off admin/registration fee of R155;
  • Collection fee of R92 (instead of R117) per month to be paid monthly, quarterly or bi-annually in advance;
  • 10 blue bags per house per month are included in the collection fee;
  •  All of your recycling (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, cans, cartons such as Tetra Pak and electronic waste- anything with a plug) can be placed into the same blue bag - they take care of the sorting;
  • Blairgowrie collection day: WEDNESDAY (except public holidays) - Place your recycling outside on your kerb for collection. They can also ring your doorbell if required (if people rummage through bags);
  • Blue 240L wheelie bins are available at a one off cost of R750 plus VAT, however it is not necessary to purchase a wheelie bin; our team is quite happy to collect the loose blue bags;
  • The recyclable material that Whole Earth Recycling collects is sorted by the Hawk Flight team, currently a group of 24 sorters, and they generate an income for themselves by sorting and selling the material to a local buy-back centre;
  • You are helping to create jobs for at least 40 people.

 For more info or to sign up please contact them directly:

To sign-up please email them to request a registration form OR call them on (011) 791- 4537 or (011) 791- 4558

For more info, visit their website at




Eco Monkey:


  • Once off admin/registration fee of R125;
  • R90 per month for a weekly collection;
  • Blairgowrie collection day: THURSDAY;
  • Cost DOES NOT include bags; these are available @ R45 for 10 clear bags. (Subscribers can use their own bags but they must be clear or blue, i.e. not black garbage bags);
  • Bins are available at a one-off cost of R850 per bin should you prefer using a Trolley Bin;
  • If you have your own external bin you are welcome to use it and will you will need is to order a Sticker to mark the bin @ R40.00 per Sticker.

 For more info or to sign up please contact them directly:

 To sign up now please CLICK HERE and complete your details;
 For more info, visit their website at



Recycling is taken seriously globally, with many developed nations recycling most of their waste. Developing nations are still playing catch-up but the case of reducing the amount waste going to landfill sites is well documented.  By supporting the formal recycling industry more secure jobs are created in a safer and cleaner working environment too!

Please remember to keep Blairgowrie clean - please try and recycle as much as possible!

Did you know…?

  • If all our newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year
  • Recycling one aluminium can save enough energy to run a TV for three hours
  • If not recycled, a modern glass bottle would take 4000 years or more to decompose -- and even longer if it's in the landfill






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