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Look for problems within our suburb and log them with the different city services.

Together let's take responsibility for our streets in Blairgowrie, it's our duty.


The sooner we log and report on problems and the more people who do so, the sooner it will be seen to.

Report (to name a few):

  • Water leaks and burst pipes
  • Potholes
  • Street lights not working
  • Power failures
  • Missing street signs
  • Suspicious activity

Here's how to log a fault:

  1. Reported the incident to the relevant police or City department
  2. Obtained a REFERENCE number
  3. Give fair time according to the times below for a resolution
  4. Follow up with your reference number
  5. THEN contact the relevant BCA portfolio to escalate the problem


Social media is one of the most powerful tools to gain attention to a problem these days.   

So, don't forget TWITTER to help resolve issues:

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GENERAL LOGGING: 0860JOBURG (0860 56 28 74)


City Service

Type of Issue

Service Level Agreement Turn Around Time

1st Option to have issue logged

2nd Option to have issue logged

Joburg Water
water no background

Burst Water Pipe

12 hours

Report an issue on their website:

011 688 1699 -  During Office hours & Weekends 8am to 4pm



0860JOBURG - Option 3

No Water

1 day

Sewer Leak/Blockage

24 hours

Meter Leak

7 working days

Fire Hydrant Leak

2 days

Bees in meter box

3 days

City Power

city power no background

No Power to area/property

30% within 1.5 hours

60% within 3 hours

90% within 7.5 hours

98-100% within 46 hours

Log online using your mobile device:

OR  (bottom left corner) Fault Logging 0 don’t worry about a password but add your cell number in order to receive the reference number

Call 0860JOBURG - Option 2 

Illegal Connection

24 hours

Dangerous Situation


Street Light not working

2 working days

Meter Conversions

72 hours

Faulty Meter

72 hours

City Power Risk Controlcity power no background

Suspected cable theft (if you’ve lost power due to cable theft OR if you see cables hanging)

(but call Quemic if you see cable thieves or find cable theft equipment – See “Useful Information” tab)

Call 011 490 7553


Joburg Roads Agency



3 working days

Send an email to or if urgent Call 0860JOBURG - Option 5

Call 0860JOBURG - Option 5 

Manhole Cover missing

3 days

Blocked kerb inlet

3 days

Road trenches

3 days

Road Collapse/ Dangerous Situation

Immediate to make road safe

Stop/traffic signs damaged/missing

7 days

Traffic Signals All Out

24 hours

Traffic Signal Flashing

24 hours

City Parks


Grass cutting in open spaces

Up to 30 days

Call 0860JOBURG – Option 0 and then if possible send email to with details of request

Call 0860JOBURG - Option 0 

Grass cutting of parks

Dependent on status of park

Grass cutting in cemeteries

7 days

Fallen Tree/branches

24 hours

Pruning of Tree

30 days



Traffic Violations

Dependent on incident and resources available

HOTLINE NUMBER: 080 872 3342

Traffic light outages, by-law infringements, illegal dumping etc

Call EMS/JMPD call centre on 011 375 5918 / 5911

 WHATSAPP or SMS registration numbers of a vehicle dumping illegally to JMPD on 082 779 1361.


Illegal Dumping

Motor Vehicle Accident


071 673 2112



New/additional bin request

7 days

Damaged Bins:

Call 011 375 5555 - Option 4

Then send you can send your name, contact details, address, acct # and ref # to your Ward Councillor. They escalate it to the correct depot to expedite the new bin, or forward to the correct depot.


Stolen/Missing Bins:

You need to first report it at your nearest police station and note down your case number. Then follow the steps above for damaged bins.

Order Extra Bins:

If you want an extra bin, then then you can follow the first step above. You will be levied a the following monthly charges (plus VAT) for each bin:

Property Size                     Charge

-300m2                               R135.75
301-1000m2                        R264.25
1001-2000m2                      R399.76
+2000m2                            R576.00


If you are now recycling and want to get rid of one of your bins, then also follow the damaged bins procedure and ask that it be taken away and your account amended.

Note your ref # and date logged and contact your Ward Councillor with your info, acct details and ref# when your account isn’t adjusted so they can escalate it for you (usually it isn’t).

For recycling options in Blairgowrie CLICK HERE

Animal Carcass removal

6 Hours

Cleaning of an Illegal Dumping site

2 days


Joburg small

Change of Ownership

Up to 6 Weeks

Automatically by back office

Finalisation of Rates

Within 5 Working Days

Automatically by back office

New meter installation for water/electricity

Installed within 25 working days after payment

Visit nearest Walk in Centre

Final readings on move out

Owner to provide City with 7 working days' notice

Visit nearest Walk in Centre

Closing of account

Owner to visit walk in centre. Account adjustment and finalisation will take no longer than 30 days. New owner to pay deposit for services

Visit nearest Walk in Centre

Issuing clearance certificate

Within 3 working days of application

Visit nearest Walk in Centre


Within 30 days provided service ticket is compliant and services finalised by back office

Visit nearest Walk in Centre

Opening New account

1 Day

Visit nearest Walk in Centre

All other Revenue related queries


Visit nearest Walk in Centre
or call 0860JOBURG - Option 1

Pikitup Free Bulky Service

 1 x a month

Randburg Depot 087 357 1327 or call the Waterval Depot 087 357 1490

Report Illegal Dumping


Joburg Connect 0860 562874 or 011  3755555

If you have the registration number of the vehicle , report directly to JMPD 082 779 1361

Metro Bus

Metro bus

Timetables, complaints 


 Call 0860JOBURG - Option 6

All other City of Joburg queries

Call 0860JOBURG or


0860 JOBURG = 0860 56 28 74 = 011 375 5555

Correct as at 08/03/2017 E&OE

This document is not an official publication of the City of Joburg –
it is an adapted easy log guide for residents of the City


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