BCA Security Information

Security and suburb safety remain one of the most important issues in any suburb.

At this point, the BCA Committee is without a Security Sub-committee. All is not lost. Committee members, Margie Roper and Harold Fleishman, liaise with the ex-Subcomm, who have formed a Security Team, and attend their monthly meetings. In turn, a representative of the Security Team attends the BCA Committee’s monthly meetings. The Security Team monitors street whatsapp groups and works with SAPS and the various security companies.

The Committee will regularly assess the working relationship with the Security Team. The BCA Committee has input from various security sources and will see what the future holds for this Portfolio.

The Committee urges all residents to:

  • Take all steps necessary to secure their properties (line of first defence);
  • Be AWARE of your surroundings when you leave and return home;
  • Follow normal security protocols in an emergency (click here to see them)
  • Take responsibility for reporting any suspicious activity. To 10111 and you security company.

If you look twice, call it in!

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