The BCA needs your help...


Why pay a subscription...


The BCA is a not-for-profit organisation whereby a group of volunteers help make Blairgowrie the best it can be.


With the help of the following portfolions (to name a few) the donations we receive enable the BCA to carry on transforming Blairgowrie into a great place to live and an attractive suburb for buyers.

  • The Beautification portfolio undertakes projects to keep the suburb clean, tidy and welcoming. It also ensures that the parks' lawns are cut and Delta is cleared and free from invasive plants.
  • The water, electricity, road and Pikitup portfolios are in constant contact with the various City Service divisions, having close relationships within these divisions, they escalate and report problems where they arise.
  • Our security committee work directly with the police and the local armed response teams to ensure Blairgowrie is as safe as possible. There are many projects in the pipe-line

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We would like residents and businesses to contribute what they are able to. There is no set amount as we understand that all residents have different circumstances.

A suggested contribution is just R75 per household per month and R50 for pensioners.





Business contributions

Businesses or businesses from home are asked to contribute R100 per month to support the BCA/


In return for your continued contribution to our suburb, we offer businesses the following:

Note: Businesses will need to have paid a minimum of 4 months to be eligible. Thereafter to continue advertising, payment would need to be made on a monthly basis.


Businesses paying annually, R1200 will receive the following:

  • 1 classified ad per month for 11 months (no publication in January. Logo and 150 words due by the 26th of every month, sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • 3 x punts by yourself on the BCA Facebook page per month.
  • 2 x direct mailshots to our email database per year – you supply the flyer(s) and we send it when you want it to go out.

Note: for an additional R1200 per year, your business can place an advert on the BCA website for 1 year, linked to your website


BCA Contributor Board

If you’re a monthly ‘subs’ paying BCA member, please collect a BCA Contributor Board to show your support. You can collect it from Shaun at Supreme Pools in the Blairgowrie Plaza.
For more information, read our July newsletter HERE.

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BCA Newsletter

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Why do we have to ask for funding when technically the government/ our taxes are supposed to cover these costs?

Well, we all know that doesn’t happen and we need some funds to operate and accomplish things that we feel need to be done to improve the suburb.

What about financial transparency?

The BCA is submitted to voluntary auditing at each Financial Year End. Any spending has to be discussed amongst the Committee and Directors. Any refund claims submitted to the BCA (generally by the Committee members) have to be signed off by the Chairperson and the Treasurer). If you have any questions relating to the finances of the BCA, please contact us.

What is the breakdown of costs?

The BCA spend is split mostly between administration and projects.

Projects include:
Spruit initiative; Landscaping, gardening and maintenance; Community Beautification; Labour; Materials (refuse bags, paintbrushes, paint); once-off Rubbish Removals.

Administration includes:
Secretariat; Accounting; Communications & Web hosting; Telephony; Printing.

We strive to avoid spending money on things that the City is responsible for e.g. mowing our parks or collecting refuse from homes on a weekly basis. Sometimes though, we step in where we have failed to get the City to assist e.g. a once-off clean-up operation.















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