Street Facilitators

Communicate – Educate – Escalate


The BCA Committee suggested and started street WhatsApp groups in 2013. There are other groups in some streets that, perhaps, were not or are not affiliated with the BCA but the Committee always had access to the BCA street groups for dissemination of security AND important information. The Committee no longer has access to those street groups, now called Security groups.

The mandated Committee has an obligation to host and facilitate Information WhatsApp groups. It will always be up to residents whether to join or not but we pledge to impart only important information eg. City announcements, messages from Ward Cllrs, Suburb Projects, links to the monthly Newsletter and Classifieds. Having Information groups would have greatly assisted the community during this Covid-19 crisis. Residents will not be asked to choose between groups but make sure you’re in touch with what’s happening around you and how you can help.

The street Social WhatsApp groups are for chatting and have found their place however, the BCA cannot be relegated to these groups as many people just want info.

Streets and sections of streets are encouraged to take charge of their immediate surroundings, remaining autonomous whilst functioning as part of the whole.

The BCA does not want to control or micro-manage the streets. We would rather put the power in the hands of our residents, ensuring that they take charge of their own streets.



Street Facilitators help the BCA by ensuring that information reaches everyone on the street, forming and managing the street's WhatsApp group and creating sub-committees within the street to ensure easy management.



Street WhatsApp groups are powerful tools to help fight crime and disseminate important information from the BCA.

To find out who your Street Facilitator is, email

Street Facilitators are also in charge of updating our BCA database. Each Street Facilitator signs a non-disclosure agreement to protect private information of our residents.

 Each Street Facilitator will be supplied with their portion of the database and will update this as and when residents move into/out of the street. This ensures that our database is current and up-to-date.


Please support your Street Facilitator by being the eyes and ears of the street. Look out for issues and take note and report any security risks, problem homes and city service issues. Report all City Service issues, find out how to here.


Encourage each other to embrace the Spirit of Community in the Street.  Your own street is more important than the suburb as a whole.



Other Things Facilitators Can Arrange In Their Street:

(Get people to help you)

Educate the residents in your street. Use your WhatsApp group and email to communicate.


  • Ward & Councillor (there are THREE!!)
  • Contact numbers and Emergency procedures
  • Encourage all residents to report issues in their street: 
    • Street lights
    • Illegal signage (can be removed by anyone, unless they have the stamp of approval of the City)
    • Dumping
    • BCA Committee Portfolio Heads to be contacted in cases where an issue needs to be escalated, unresolved within an acceptable time period
  • Bylaws and the etiquette in the suburb
  • Make lists:
    • who are the elderly; people in need of assistance
    • people who can provide assistance (in times of emergency)
    • people without email connectivity
    • Enlist help to distribute BCA newsletters to those without email access
  • Make an effort to attend the annual AGM
  • Get involved in the other activities in the suburb. We try to keep these to a minimum and we understand ‘”family comes first”.








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