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Update November 2019

 beautification nov 2019 12 these signs get vandalised and broken often, we are looking for a better, more permanent solution.

beautification nov 2019 1

beautification nov 2019 7

beautification nov 2019 4 clearing up!

beautification nov 2019 2Keeping outside IRG clear

beautification nov 2019 6

weeding and clearing pavements:

beautification nov 2019 9  beautification nov 2019 10

beautification nov 2019 11


Suburb beautification is about much more than it sounds. It’s not only about cleaning, fixing and trying to stop vandalism, it’s about creating a beautiful space for us to live in, as well as attracting new business and residents.

So many of you pick up litter, sweep your portion of the street, look after your pavement and much more - PLEASE, keep going. Thank you!

The BCA Beautification Team have been hard at work recently. Here are just some of the projects undertaken…

Remember... The beautification initiative relies upon the contributions made by the Blairgowrie community to undertake these projects. Support suburb beautification, make a contribution and become a BCA Member!


Arbor Week

As part of the ongoing plans to beautify the main entry roads into Blairgowrie, the BCA planted a Fever Tree on the traffic island at the intersection of Conrad Drive & Bram Fischer Drive. The Fever Tree was kindly sponsored by the Colourful Splendour Nursery in Craighall Park
Note: Fever Trees are indigenous and add greenery without acting as night shelters and they drop relatively few of their long thorns.


Delta Park Environmental Centre – Front Garden Clean-up

The BCA approached the Delta Park Environmental Centre to clean up their front garden and add a few enhancements! They were most delighted by our offer and anyone who has visited the centre recently will have noticed a major difference.

The centre is used by communities from far and wide as it offers a wide variety of programs for adults and learners, including supplementing many of the school curricula programs!  

For more info about this wonderful asset within our suburb, click here

Before                                                      During



Corner Blairgowrie Drive / Gordon Road

The flower bed at the Corner of Blairgowrie Drive & Gordon Road in front of the 5 Star Café has been cleaned up, trees pruned, grass planted and a chain fence with metal posts installed.  A big improvement indeed!


Before                                                                                      After


Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary Update

As part of the BCA’s Mandela Day Initiative we did a major community clean-up at the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary which is situated below the Delta Park Environmental Centre. The focus was on both removing all the litter and vagrant camps in the sanctuary as well as removing the alien trees such as Black Wattle, Poplar etc

Much was accomplished on Mandela Day and we continued our efforts in subsequently reducing the size of the Poplar tree plantation at the lower end of the sanctuary. We are working on a plan to have the remaining branches removed by City Parks.

The team is looking at ways of arranging more regular litter clean-ups in the sanctuary to reduce the vagrancy problem, including criminal elements among them as stolen goods have been recovered from the sanctuary at times.  Some of the birds have also been snared and eaten by the vagrants, particularly the guinea fowl.

We have investigated the feasibility of raising funds to install a much more robust fence to keep trespassers out. However, it was felt that the first step is to lobby officials from various City Departments to ensure that by-laws being violated by people at the sanctuary will be upheld and enforced by City Officials.

To this end we are planning a petition and a few other measures as recommended by Councillor Tim Truluck. With the ever increasing demand for park and open spaces to be used for recreational and other activities given the continuous population growth of our city, we need to protect and maintain the relatively few areas which exist solely for conservation purposes.

For more information regarding the sanctuary click here


The Spruit Initiative

The Spruit Initiative covers approximately 3 kilometres of the Braamfontein Spruit and surrounding park area along the Blairgowrie Border - from the Jan Smuts Avenue Bridge up to the intersection of Blairgowrie Drive/Bantam Drive and beyond.

The initiative is continuing with its good work of removing all the litter in the river beds and surrounding park area, trimming trees along the river banks and removing alien vegetation where appropriate.  In the summer months a greater emphasis is put on cutting grass along the banks and surrounding park area. Unfortunately, there is only occasional assistance with regard to grass cutting from City Parks as the grassed area along this stretch is massive.

City Parks do remove the refuse bags weekly from the refuse collected from designated collection points.

Many neighbouring residents’ associations have also undertaken similar initiatives on a more sustained basis having seen the remarkable success of this initiative. Wally and Carmen Stuart run this initiative and invest a considerable amount of time and energy into ensuring its continued success. The BCA as well as three businesses in the area and a few of the Hillcrest and Wendy Avenue residents contribute to this initiative on an on-going basis.


Parks Update – General

Delta Park is by far the largest park in Blairgowrie and Shirley Tebbutt and a team of equally enthusiastic volunteers continue to do fantastic work in Delta Park. Many of us follow Shirley’s regular newsletters with great interest!
Click here to read one of her Delta Newsletters from 2014

Nola Circle and Denise Circle Parks are being well looked after by the diligent Park Champions, Carl Annhaeusser and Fern van der Pol.  Earlier this year after many months of lobbying with City Parks and JRA, the sinkholes at Nola Circle were eventually repaired and it was a job well done by JRA! A new sinkhole has emerged in an entirely different section of the park however and has been reported to City Parks and JRA!

Kenworthy Circle has a very active resident community who, under the auspices of the Kenworthy Circle Community Association (KCCA) have made major strides in cleaning up the park and making many improvements to the Tennis Club facility. A tender process is currently underway for a potential lessor of the tennis club facility to be appointed.

The Rose Garden Park continues to be a challenge to maintain given its proximity to the Randburg Taxi Rank, being used as a thoroughfare and the high number of people using the park. City Parks have been asked to arrange a weekly schedule to clean up at Rose Garden Park. The Park Champions are Heinz and Carol Paetzold.

Blairgowrie Park also has a big vagrancy problem. Due to the Swimming Pool facility, many large groups arrive and have parties in the surrounding park area often leaving behind much litter. Jed Kemery and Gail Jelley are the Park Champions for Blairgowrie Park and we do arrange regular clean-ups of the park and also enlist the help of City Parks to assist us in this regard. A big sewerage leak was reported and fixed in Blairgowrie Park recently too!

The BCA and Park Champions have raised the issue of grass cutting during the summer months with the Region B Director of City Departments and City Parks as last year the grass was only cut two or three times during the summer months – a totally unacceptable situation.  Adequate scheduling of grass cutting of the parks during the summer months has to be addressed by City Parks!

Stolen Rocks at Pinegowrie Post Office Garden

There were a number of instances of rocks being stolen from the lovely garden planted by the BCA over a number of months. Naturally, we were furious, put up signage outside the Post Office to try and deter people from stealing the rocks and started investigating to establish who the culprit or culprits might be!  

Fortunately, we were able to open a case at Linden SAPS against a particular individual who is a regular client at the Pinegowrie Post Office but is not a resident of Blairgowrie. This individual knew the police where trying to contact him regarding the matter and after a few weeks of investigations approached Linden SAPS admitting to the theft of some of the rocks.

 It cost the BCA just over R8000 to replace the stolen rocks. We were able to reach an out-of-court settlement and managed to reclaim R3000 from the culprit (It was better than our odds in court).  There may, however, have been other culprits involved in stealing rocks from time to time.

All the other traffic island garden features installed by the BCA, namely, a) Conrad Drive/Jan Smuts Ave b) Conrad Drive/Mackay Ave c) Conrad Drive/Barkston Drive and  d) Conrad Drive/Bram Fischer Drive as well as the Garden feature at the Pinegowrie Post Office continue to be maintained by a garden landscaping and maintenance service company paid for by the BCA utilising your financial subscriptions. Thank you!

Read more about the stolen rocks in the Randburg Sun here

Painting of reflective street numbers/house numbers on your verges

We have a special Wayleave Approval from the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) to proceed with launching an initiative for residents in Blairgowrie to have their street numbers painted on their driveways (at your own cost). This is not generally permitted in terms of the Roads Traffic Act - but we have written permission.

We would therefore like to invite all residents of Blairgowrie to take advantage of this initiative.
The main reasons for launching this initiative are:

  • Improved visibility of house/street numbers, especially at night for Police, Security and Emergency vehicles to locate one’s property if needed which results in improved response times.
  • It could also be an additional deterrent to certain types of crimes.

We have identified two individuals who work independently of each other in painting street signs, namely:

  1. Innocent: Contact Number 083 737 9285 - paints the numbers in Black and White Reflective Paint at a cost of R100 per street number.
  2. Knowledge: Contact Number 078 060 7489 - paints the numbers in Black & White Reflective Paint and also uses fine glass which enhances the reflectiveness of the number at a cost of R120 per street number.

Note: There is no escalation of cost if your street number is more than one number

We have copies of both Innocent and Knowledge’s passports and they will be wearing the BCA BIBS as an additional identification measure so that residents know that these are the “approved” contractors for our suburb.

This is quite difficult to co-ordinate. Please contact Innocent or Knowledge directly to have your street number painted. They may be approaching residents directly by ringing on the doorbell and asking if you would like your street number painted on your driveway.



We would like to encourage businesses in the area to make a contribution to the BCA’s beautification efforts, hoping they will appreciate that a beautiful space may attract the passing trade as well as future investment. Please contact us if you would like to make a contribution.

Please support the BCA and the all the work done to keep Blairgowrie beautiful!

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