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Shirley-Tebbut-Delta-ParkShirley Tebbut is the BCA’s Committee Member for Delta Park and Fallen Trees.

Way before the BCA, Shirley became involved in Delta Park and continues to be an inspiration with the work that she does in this beautiful space. In the latter part of 2012, Shirley was awarded a special commendation and Certificate of Recognition for the years of work she’s put into Delta Park – truly too much to mention. She’s a true ‘greenie’ and our personal hero! We truly love you, Shirley!

Green Champion award presented to Shirley Tebbutt : Read the article by clicking here.


Shirley's Delta Park News Bite: August

This August we cleared the inlet at the bottom dam of reeds. The water got cold and so the men changed to removing bug weed, black wattle, and privet  from the river running between the dams instead. The men are now in the forest below top dam where there is a lot to do there.

 In the meantime someone told of a hole on the school embankment that their dog had fallen down. Indeed is was dangerous; 2m deep and 50cm across. It had been caused by a natural spring eroding the soil away. Wilson and Shepherd then hauled rubble from around the area, filled it in and covered it with soil.

Tobie Muller was removing a lot of plants from his garden and asked if I needed any. Gail wanted to have the Agapanthus and I was happy to rehome the 42 aloes! They are now in a new garden bed at the entrance to Rd No3.

Peter Hammond repaired the fire hydrant behind the Enviro centre which had been leaking for many months. He repaired it the very morning that there was a fire in the park later that day so water was available for the fire truck. He has also put up two spot lights at the Enviro parking. The existing lights haven’t worked for years – the old system seems beyond repair. Anyway the staff at the centre is grateful especially when they have to work late.

Peter is amazing what he does in the Park. Thank you!


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