Conrad Drive Bridge Project

Here you will find all the information you need about the upcoming Conrad Drive project.


Conrad Drive bridge project delayed

Cllr Martin Williams and I have received an update from the Joburg Roads Agency regarding the widening of Conrad Drive bridge. The first phase of the Conrad Drive Bridge project was to include work between Blairgowrie Drive and Hillcrest Avenue. This work was to have started in May 2019 and to date has not started. Issues related to the relocation of services (including important fibre) have halted the start of the work as well as necessary land acquisitions. Whilst these concerns were raised with the JRA on 15 February 2018, not much was seemingly done by the JRA between then and May 2019 when the project was due to start.

We have been informed that the request for the relocation of services will only happen in January 2020.
The land acquisition will take an extended period of time.

Please be assured that Councillor Martin Williams and myself are constantly engaging with the City and City Executive related to the Conrad Drive project.

Cllr David Potter
10 November 2019





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