Electromagnetic Radiation: Luisa Petrocchi-Bartal

What does my portfolio entail?

 Education pertaining to legality, functionality where appropriate, and safety regarding Wireless Technologies including smart meters, cell tower/iburst towers, WiFi in Schools.


Please click here for a full Electromagnetic Radiation report from Luisa.


What I’d like Blairgowrie to know about my portfolio and what it means to the suburb or to me.

To inform and empower Blairgowrie residents with regard to their rights and to protect the suburb from illegal installations

Why I love Blairgowrie.

Its heart - in terms of its convenience (it's the heart of my JHB, central to Hyde Park, Rosebank, Cresta, Sandton) and its special people. Also, have you noticed its amazing leafy greenery, with stunning tree arches extending across its avenues?

What I want to see for this suburb

Safe, neighbourly, well looked after, homely, quality suburb filled with people and businesses who care


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