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Blairfolk, it’s a crazy, unprecedented time that is affecting the globe but also those around you … your neighbours. No-one really knows what anyone else is going through or feeling at this time and we all have a duty to support this community. Please let’s all make an incredible effort, especially now, but also going forward to STAY POSITIVE:

  • If posting, post something positive;
  • Call a neighbour to find out how they’re doing;
  • Refrain from responding with negativity;
  • Spend this time wisely;
  • Do your part to build people up and encourage them.

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UPDATES FROM YOUR COUNCILLOR on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Not sure who your Ward Cllr is or how to receive updates from or contact them? CLICK HERE

BLAIRGOWRIE PARKS: All parks are closed.


SECURITY (incl. domestic abuse):

  • SAPS – 10111
  • JMPD – 011 375 5911
    • Press your Panic Button immediately
    • Call your Security Company
    • Call 10111 (112 on a cell phone) – you MUST call 10111 as the crime must be reported
    • Call any emergency service needed – CLICK HERE for more info
    • Notify your street captain


  • Vets are open for emergencies – please phone ahead
  • Absolute Pets – home deliveries available
  • Extravagant Pets: CLICK HERE for info 066 506 3760 or FACEBOOK 
    • Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 14:00
    • Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00
    • Sunday: CLOSED.
  • SPCAs are closed
  • Cat Box hyper – open
  • Local Resident, Katherine Matthews, has a travel permit in case of emergencies 

ESSENTIAL SERVICES (Plumbers, Electricians, Locksmiths etc.)

To advise us if you’re a local approved service provider CLICK HERE


Various churches and religious groups are offering online services and assistance:

  • Let us know of any local online assistance being provided CLICK HERE
  • You can also let us know of any prayer groups in the area


  • A guesthouse in Craighall has converted itself into an Isolation Centre
  • Let us know if you have a FREE offering CLICK HERE


Blairgowrie Plaza:

Shops open during lockdown:

Petrol stations: OPEN

Bram Fischer Checkers: OPEN CLICK HERE to contact them

Canterbury Crossing:

  • Woolworths
  • Clicks
  • Absolute Pets

CLICK HERE for more info or visit their FACEBOOK PAGE

The Fruit, Flower & Nut Market, Conrad Drive: OPEN


  • The Fruit, Flower & Nut Market - WhatsApp TEX on 083 266 6986
  • Various other stores, restaurants in the area are offering delivery services
  • CLICK HERE to let us know of any other approved delivery services

Assisting residents in need of groceries / provisions

  • Use the new “BCA Info” street groups to put neighbours in touch with people who require help in this regard (they can then privately message each other)
  • STAY SAFE when assisting

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