Donations / Homeless / Shelters / Parcel Packs:


Under normal circumstances, Displaced Persons (the homeless) are a huge issue around the country and is now a very dangerous situation for both them and the people around them. The City is finally seeing the extent of the problem.


They were supposed to be collected from parks and pavements to be housed on temporary shelters but this is failing. The disappointing thing is that there is no solution due to the minimal number of shelters.
However, there are local people and organizations that are doing their best and we’ll put you in touch with them.

How you can help:

one small act

  • Local Blairgowrian: Kelly-Ann van der Meer who runs ONE SMALL ACT OF KINDNESS
    • They are assisting and running 3 shelters, providing gas, lamps and provisions;
    • Collecting food and other items for the homeless and even some families;
    • CLICK HERE for their Facebook page
    • Contact Kelly-Ann by calling or sending a WhatsApp to 082 513 2042
      • Your streets can arrange to leave a parcel outside at a confirmed time / day and they will collect following all precautions;
      • SO LET’S DO THIS PEOPLE!!: the BCA Committee has established new “BCA Info” street WhatsApp groups to get important information out to the residents. You will be sent an invite to join your group. Our first task on these groups is establishing a platform for Covid-19 info and this is how we’d like to start – enabling your streets to arrange a food parcel collection.


  • United Nations / SA Government Food Parcel Info
    • Live broadcast from Gauteng government: if you know of someone in need of food during the lockdown (the poor), you can phone 0800 428 8364 and food supplies will be delivered for the less fortunate. Please share. If you are aware of anyone who needs assistance during the lockdown - 0800 428 8364 or email
    • This is the suggested food parcel from Government (it depends on how many family members are in each family but you must email them with your address and contact details, they will email and phone you.)
      • 10kg mielie meal
      • 5kg rice
      • 2.5kg sugar
      • 1kg soya
      • 1kg salt
      • 880g peanut butter
      • 2 tins baked beans
      • 2 tins fish
      • 1bottle sunlight liquid
      • 1bottle all purpose cleaner
      • 1pk of 2 bars sunlight washing soap
      • 2litre oil


  • JOSH (Johannesburg Organisation of Services to the Homeless)
    • They have set up a temporary shelter at the Ferndale recreation Centre (which is full) and trying to set up more.
    • To donate or report areas where the homeless have still not been collected, call Mary on 082 395 1268.
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